Dell's cheap and charming Studio S17-162B desktop replacment

For a budget-priced 17-inch laptop, the Dell Studio S17-162B has many features of a more expensive system, but also a few notable omissions.

Dell's Studio brand of laptops sits somewhere between the inexpensive Inspiron line and the high-end XPS line, incorporating some of the design cues of the XPS systems, such as their tapered bodies, with a cost-conscious mainstream set of components. (Recently, Dell has further muddied the waters with a hybrid Studio XPS brand, as well...)

The $749 Dell Studio S17-162B is a fixed-configuration retail laptop with a 17-inch screen, 802.11n Wi-Fi, and touch-sensitive media controls. Sure the RAM, hard drive and processor are the same as some of the budget 15-inch Inspiron Dells we've looked at, but the S17 is still one of the least expensive desktop replacements we've seen.

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Note: This review is part of our Winter 2009 Retail Laptop Review Roundup , covering specific configurations of popular laptops that can be found in retail stores.

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