Dell surveys customers on Linux choices

Dell is directing Linux fans toward a survey on its corporate blog polling potential customers on what they'd like to see in a Linux PC from Dell.

The survey comes a few weeks after Dell announced it would certify Novell's Linux distribution for certain business-oriented desktops and laptops in response to postings at IdeaStorm, a Dell-created Web site that lets the public submit ideas. That's not as far as some vocal posters at the site had wanted the company to go.

The survey--which was unavailable on Dell's Web site for an hour or so midday--asks directly about factory-installed Linux. Dell wants to know which types of systems users would order a factory install of Linux on, and whether they would use it for home or business. The poll also asks them to pick a distribution and cite the type of technical support they thought they would require.

Prospective Linux users can contact Dell here.

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