Dell spins into solid state drives

Dell spins into solid state drives.

If there's one buzz topic that has laptop fans excited right now, it's the transition from traditional platter-based hard drives to solid state drives (like the one in your iPod Nano). These drives, like that flash memory stick hanging off your keychain, have no moving parts, give off less heat, and require less power to run--all good things if you're packing a few thousand dollars worth of battery-powered technology into your carry on bag.

The ultramobile Latitude D420 and semi-rugged D620 ATG laptops are the first systems in the Dell line to get these 32GB 1.8-inch drives from SanDisk. Swapping one in will cost an extra $549, which isn't that bad a markup, considering you can buy these 32GB drives off the shelf for around $350 (and certain other vendors want $700 for the same thing).

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