Dell revamps manufacturing with Solectron CEO

Dell continues to make wholesale changes to its executive roster as it hires Michael Cannon to lead its worldwide manufacturing operations.

Dell continues to make wholesale changes to its executive roster.

On Wednesday, the company announced that it has hired Michael Cannon, the chief executive officer of manufacturing powerhouse Solectron, to lead Dell's worldwide manufacturing operations. Cannon will oversee all of Dell's global manufacturing sites, which were previously run by local leaders, a company representative said.

Cannon is the latest hire in an executive shakeup that has seen CEO Kevin Rollins and CFO Jim Schneider--among others--leave Dell after a tumultous year. Last week, online marketing chief became the latest longtime Dell executive to seek other pastures.

Even before his return to the CEO spot, Michael Dell has been busy recruiting new executives--such as Steven Schuckenbrock from EDS, Donald Carty from American Airlines, and Sona Chawla of Wells Fargo--from outside the technology industry in hopes of injecting new life into the organization. As head of Solectron, Cannon oversaw a huge technology manufacturing organization, but Solectron also designed and built products for other industries such as automotive and medical.

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