Dell pitches smaller, greener consumer desktop PC

Michael Dell previews the upcoming product at an Earth Day conference.

Updated 2:05 p.m. PT: Dell PR provided us with a photo.

How apropos: On Earth Day, a PC company says it's going to make a greener PC.

Dell green PC
The yet-to-be-named ultra-small green consumer desktop PC. Dell

We already know Dell wants to be the greenest company on the planet, or in the solar system, or something. So as part of his remarks to the Fortune Brainstorm: Green conference in Los Angeles on Tuesday, Chief Executive Michael Dell previewed a desktop PC aimed at consumers.

The PC will be 81 percent smaller and will use 70 percent less energy than one of Dell's mini-tower desktops. And the packaging will be totally recycled. Though there's no name for the PC and no pictures (a Dell representative insisted they didn't just come up with the idea on the flight from Austin to LAX, and in fact have been working on it for "a while") the desktop is supposed to be available by the end of the year.

Dell is targeting consumers first with this energy-efficient desktop, which is notable since the company normally rolls out green initiatives on business machines first.

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