Dell laptop designs help in AIDS battle

For each Dell (Product)Red design purchased, Dell will contribute $20 to The Global Fund's fight against AIDS.

West African painter Joseph Amedokpo created the above "New World" design for Dell, while Siobhan Gunning conceived of "Shine Within," pictured below. Dell

Dell announced three new artsy laptop designs Tuesday that let you spruce up your computer and do some good at the same time. The designs expand on Dell's Art House offerings with special-edition computers that support the Global Fund's fight against AIDS. For each Dell (Product)Red design purchased, Dell will contribute $20 to the fund.

As part of the effort, Dell Studio laptops can be customized, with original artwork by Joseph Amedokpo, Siobhan Gunning, or Bruce Mau permanently infused into the laptop's display back. The Dell Studio 15 starts at $649 and the Dell Studio 17 starts at $799.

(Red)'s primary objective is to engage the private sector in raising awareness and money for the Global Fund, to help eliminate AIDS in Africa. Companies whose products take on the (Product)Red mark contribute a portion of profits to the fund to finance AIDS programs in Africa, particularly those that emphasize the health of women and children.

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