Dell Inspiron 13 gets an upgrade (in Asia)

Dell's Inspiron 13 gets an inspired redesign in Singapore. Could it be heading here next?

The perfect Inspiron redesign? Dell Singapore

Have you been looking for new, sleeker Dells on the imminent fall horizon? Perhaps you'd better pay attention to Singapore. Eyes on the Web spotted that Dell's Singapore site has the Inspiron 13 in a new redesign, featuring a look that seems more like a Dell Studio.

What this amounts to is an affordable Dell with good looks in a package that's decently priced, at least in the Singapore conversion rate (it amounts to a little less than $1,000).

It's a big shift from the current Inspiron, which has a pretty bland look to it, relatively speaking. While the specs are similar in the new Inspiron 13 (a shift to the Intel GMA X4500MHD instead of the Intel GMA X3100 is one of the few notable changes), HDMI and a 1366x768 LED screen are also included.

Would this be the upgrade you're looking for? If so, there might be an announcement in store sometime soon.

(Via Engadget)

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