Dell: Alienware, XPS will coexist

Contrary to Journal report, PC maker says XPS brand will live on but that it'll "invest like crazy in product development, design, and engineering" for Alienware line.

Dell issued a statement on Tuesday night, saying the XPS brand will live on but that more resources will go into Alienware.

Part of Dell's statement takes issue with a Wall Street Journal report.

"Dell XPS and Alienware are both great brands...and both will live on," spokeswoman Anne Camden said in a blog. "But we are going to expand our focus on Alienware. We are going to invest like crazy in product development, design, and engineering to propel Alienware as the premier gaming brand in the future."

Camden emphasized that XPS is a premium, cutting-edge brand--beyond just a game PC label. "XPS remains an important Dell brand with its heritage of premium performance...In the last year, XPS has expanded well beyond a gaming brand--look at the XPS One, our first entry into the all-in-one market, the XPS M1330, an industry leading ultraportable or the XPS 420 desktop, designed for multimedia activities."

But the statement also takes issue with aspects of The Wall Street Journal report . "XPS gaming systems will remain an important part of our gaming product portfolio. We don't plan an early phase-out of these systems, as the WSJ incorrectly stated, and in fact will continue to refresh them to keep them on the front edge of gaming," Camden said.

"We want to lead in this market. Simple, really. So that's why we're investing so much in the gaming systems of the future--we want those on an Alienware or XPS to reign supreme."

So Dell appears committed to XPS laptops, even those that excel at gaming.

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