Decware's all-American amps wow audiophiles

Can you find happiness with one of Decware's ultra-low-power tube amplifiers? It's "green," high-efficiency hi-fi at its best.

The Taboo amp with solid-wood base. Decware

Deckert also designs the Decware speakers, which are built by Bob Ziegler in North Carolina. The speakers are designed to sing with just a few watts, but you don't have to stick with Decware speakers, and Klipsch makes lots of speakers that'll click with low power designs. Decware's speaker prices are very reasonable, but if they're out of range, or you just want to have fun, build your own speakers from Decware design plans. Some of these things, like the Model HWK15 House Wrecker 15-inch subwoofer, look really interesting. Deckert sells the plans for $20 and estimates the sub would cost around $150 to build (plus the cost of a solid-state amplifier to drive the sub).

A hand-made Decware speaker Decware

The bulk of the company's direct sales are in the U.S., but they are also sold factory-direct in 54 countries. Decware is just now starting to work with a couple of brick-and-mortar dealers, EarHead Audio in Winchester, Va., and Audio Boutique in Vancouver.

I will soon do a review of a Decware amp, but I'd love to hear from any Decware owners in the Comments section right now.

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