Dear Apple: Please update these Macs at WWDC

From the MacBook Air to the Mac Pro desktop, some of Apple's computer lineup could benefit from updated designs.

At Apple's WWDC keynote, one may rightly expect updates to the iOS and OS X operating systems, new software features and apps, and also a couple of new Mac hardware announcements. For example, at the 2012 WWDC keynote, Apple introduced the MacBook Pro with Retina Display, along with some MacBook Air component updates.

In 2013, however, as it's been so long since many of the current Mac laptops and desktops have gotten a significant overhaul, there's an outside chance that we'll see new designs and/or hardware for everything from MacBooks to the Mac Pro desktop. In the following pages, we've listed each Mac computer line, when it was last updated, and the case to be made for a new version coming to light at the WWDC conference.

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