Deal of the day: 2GB Secure Digital card for $0

After rebate and with free shipping from, you can have one of the most amazing little products ever to hit the market. Yes, that's right, the SD card. You don't think it's amazing? It holds 2 gigabytes of digital info and it's the size of a postage stamp. And, hello? It's FREE through the end of the month with a mail-in rebate. Free is amazing. We can hardly believe it ourselves.

As always, please note that the product will go quickly at this price, and rebates are dicey about back-orders. Be sure to note the terms of the rebate before placing your order, just to be sure.

Free memory

What: Connect 3D 2GB Secure Digital memory card
How much: $0 after rebate
Shipping: Free
Where: (via Fat Wallet)
When: Through February 28, 2007

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