Dead Xbox 360 returns as roboman

Not content to say goodbye to his deceased Xbox 360 forever, Jasper Stevens took it apart and made it into an awesome little robot sculpture.

Remade Xbox 360
Jasper Stevens
Remade Xbox 360
The Xbox 360's DVD drive couldn't fit inside the robo-sculpture, but it could serve as a base. Jasper Stevens

I grew up believing that when Xbox 360s died, they went to Xbox heaven. Turns out some of them, presumably the Buddhist and Hindu ones, get reincarnated as super-cute robot sculpture thingies!

Such is the case with Jasper Stevens' Xbox 360. When it suffered the dreaded Red Ring of Death--three flashing red lights around the power button that often render the game console unusable--Stevens skipped the denial phase.

Instead, he went straight to the DIY phase, taking the product apart and using components like connectors, plastic bits, and radio frequency shielding to create his man of metal.

The U.K. student did make his roboman using some wiring from outside of the gadget, but without any tape, glue, or other adhesive to hold it all together, he says. The Xbox 360's DVD drive didn't fit into the sculpture, but it did work as a base.

When done, Stevens sent pictures of his creation to Technabob so we could all enjoy his efforts--and hopefully feel less fearful of the day when our own Xboxes go to the great beyond.

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