Dave Rosenberg converts to Red Hat

Dave Rosenberg gets the Red Hat religion, and suggests an alternative exit for those who want to do patent deals with Microsoft.

And I thought I was the shill. But now Dave - who has grumbled about Red Hat for many moons - is on the record supporting Red Hat. He writes:

For a long time Red Hat was a company that I loved to mock, primarily because I was annoyed at how much power they have over Linux. But I recently realized that they are the ones that are sheparding the growth of the Linux industry while the rest of these chumps plunder along and take the weak way out.

Going back to an earlier thought. For all you companies that want to work with Microsoft, I would suggest you get them to acquire you. Anything else is a dead end.

I agree wholeheartedly, Dave. This isn't a "told you so," either, since you've had good reasons for holding out on supporting Red Hat.

The fact remains that there's exactly one major open source company that is willing to stand up to Microsoft (two, if you count IBM), and that's Red Hat. We should be supporting Red Hat, because the open source industry's success depends on Red Hat's success.

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