Darth Vader's personal Lego spaceship flies Sept. 1

The popular toy maker says that on September 1 it will start selling an all-new set, Darth Vader's personal spacecraft, the Super Star Destroyer Executor. The set will cost $400.

Lego will start selling a special Star Wars set featuring the personal spacecraft of Darth Vader. It will go on sale on September 1, and cost $400. It will be the longest Star Wars set in Lego history. Lego

Lego said Friday that it will begin selling a new Star Wars model seat featuring Darth Vader's own personal ship, the Super Star Destroyer Executor. The set will go on sale on September 1 on Lego's Web site and in its branded retail stores.

This will be the longest Star Wars Lego model at 50 inches, and it takes 3,152 bricks and pieces to put together. All told, it will weigh eight pounds. One feature will be a command bridge underneath a removable section of the top of the model. Inside will fit mini-figures of several Star Wars characters--Vader himself, and a few others.

The set will cost $400 when it goes on sale.

Another look at the new Darth Vader Lego model. Lego

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