Dailymotion gets high-definition videos

Got some HD video you want to share? Check out Dailymotion, which now has HD video.

There's been a lot of progress in the world of high definition in the last few days. HD DVD has fallen, and just yesterday, video host Dailymotion rolled out its new HD player. While every visitor of the site with a fast broadband connection has access to the new HD player, only two types of content providers can actually upload HD content to it. The first are the official content providers like movie studios and TV networks. The second, are motionmakers--Dailymotion's equivalent of YouTube's director program. Anyone can become a motionmaker; they just need to state what type of content they're going to be producing, and as a reward get unlimited file size and length.

The HD video in question is 720p, which looks absolutely fantastic when watched in its native resolution. HD videos can be embedded on third-party sites and will play in HD as long as the viewer has a good connection. Otherwise they'll simply play at a dialed-down quality.

I've embedded one below. If it's in HD, the little HD logo in to bottom will be lit up yellow, otherwise you're watching the lower quality version. Be sure to view it in full screen to see the details.

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