Daddy tips from Don Corleone

If you're a new or expecting dad who happens to be a Godfather fanatic, consider yourself fortunate.

Sonoma, Calif.-based gadget maker Dr.Moz has come out with an offer it thinks you can't refuse--"The GoodFather," a CD-ROM for dads of infants 0-12 months that comes in the form of a Godfather parody. Now you can learn to swaddle baby and cope with sleep deprivation while simultaneously reliving the famed mobster epic.

GoodFather CD-ROM
Credit: Dr.Moz

In addition to all sorts of searchable baby skills material, "The GoodFather" includes an interactive baby name book with approximately 15,000 names and naming tips. Dads who need help creating baby announcements can use a point-and-click menu to guide them through the baby card maker, which produces double-fold and certificate-style cards.

The CD-ROM, which is available for around $35 at baby boutiques, specialty gift shops and on the Dr.Moz Web site--is Windows- and Mac-friendly.

And fellas, remember what Don Corleone said to Johnny Fontane: "A man who doesn't spend time with his family can never be a real man."

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