D-Link ships Wireless N Dual Band MediaBridge

D-Link announces the availability of the Wireless-N Dual Band MediaBridge(DAP-1513)that can work either as a wireless bridge or an access point.

The new Wireless N Dual Band MediaBridge DAP-1513 from D-Link.
The new Wireless N Dual Band MediaBridge DAP-1513 from D-Link. D-Link

If you want to hook up your game console, such as an Xbox 360, to the Internet without running network cable all over the place, you can either get a Wi-Fi adapter from the vendor, which tends to be overpriced, or get yourself a gaming bridge that can bring a wireless signal to any Ethernet-ready device. Those opting for the latter now have another option.

D-Link announced today that it's shipping the Wireless N Dual Band MediaBridge (model DAP-1513), which can bridge a wireless network to up to four network devices that don't have built-in Wi-Fi. The device combines a selectable dual-band wireless-N chip and a four-port switch and will work with any N router.

The device basically connects itself to an existing Wi-Fi network, then shares that connection with any device plugged into its network ports, hence the terms "bridge."

The DAP-1513 features color-coded network ports.
The DAP-1513 features color-coded network ports. D-Link

D-Link says the new DAP-1513 features Intelligent Quality of Service (QoS) that automatically organizes and prioritizes network traffic according to bandwidth needs and comes with color-coded ports that show the prioritized network speeds. Other than that, it also supports WPA and WPA2 security standards with push-button Wi-Fi Protected Setup, which allows it to be quickly added to an existing Wi-Fi network.

Other than being a bridge, the new device can also work as an access point and a hub. In this case, when plugged into a router via a network cable, apart from adding three more Ethernet ports to the network, it can also broadcast a wireless signal (either in 2.4GHz band or 5GHz band), making it a great addition to a network that currently doesn't have wireless capability.

The Wireless N Dual Band MediaBridge is available now and slated to cost $120.

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