CW-7502 CD Recorder issues: a follow-up from Adaptec

CW-7502 CD Recorder issues: a follow-up from Adaptec

Following up on our item last time covering La Cie's comments regarding the CW-7502 CD Recorder, Adaptec today weighs in with its own comments (excerpted here):

CW-7502 firmware updates Panasonic has fixed the main problem(s) with this recorder. Additionally, we are making some changes in Adaptec Toast to accommodate Panasonic. For functionality, only the firmware update is required.

Not every user has the problem. The most notable symptom was an "Unstable SCSI Chain" error when using Adaptec Toast on a G3 Macintosh and, naturally, trouble writing CDs.

Important: There are two versions of the 7502 CDR mechanism. It is very important that you use the correct updater. The A version will have firmware <1.something>. You must only use the 1.0.7 updater on this mechanism. The B version will have firmware <3.something>. You must only use the 3.0.7 updater on this mechanism. You can use a freeware program such as SCSIProbe to check the current revision. In Toast, select "Recorder Info..." from the Recorder menu. Remember, don't "Self Test" the 7502.

Get the updates at La Cie's web site. As of Wed, Feb 25, 1998 only the 3.0.7 Mac updater is available.

Toast update There are a couple changes specific to the 7502 mechanism that we are making in the upcoming 3.5.4 version of Adaptec Toast (we expect it to be released by mid-March):

  1. We will disable self-test for the 7502 as it doesn't work.
  2. We will fix a problem where clicking the Stop button when in the "Check Speed" window when checking the speed of a 7502 will cause a system freeze.

The new version of Toast will also fix a few general (non-7502-specific) problems. In particular: A problem with bootable CDs that won't (consistently) startup your Macintosh is fixed.

Check Adpatec's web site for update announcements. You can also join the Adaptec CDR list.


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