Cutting tool gadget thinks outside the plastic wrap box

The Lekue Cut&Wrap is a simple solution to an age-old problem. Or at least a problem since plastic wrap was invented.

The Lekue Cut&Wrap stays in place for easy plastic wrap cutting.
The Lekue Cut&Wrap stays in place for easy plastic wrap cutting. Lekue

Leftovers. There are always leftovers. Obviously, dealing with leftovers is a nice problem to have. With a quick peek into the fridge, yesterday's meal can quickly become today's snack. But it's getting them into the fridge that's the hard part. There are storage containers in every shape and size, yet somehow that never seems to fully save all the leftovers. Enter plastic wrap. That is, enter plastic wrap everywhere: shredded pieces on the counter, balled-up rejects in the trash, and misshapen mistakes trying to cover food.

Wrestling with plastic wrap is one of those first-world problems that is amusing in its simplicity. Therefore, it makes sense that a solution be simple, too. The Lekue Cut&Wrap (just under $10) is a clever little gadget that makes plastic wrap wrangling as easy as microwaving a meal.

Featuring a suction-cup base that allows for hands-free operation, the slicing blade makes it easy to keep plastic wrap in one easy-to-handle sheet while cutting it. Stick it on the fridge or place it on the countertop and the suction-cup back will keep it in place. Use two hands to slide the plastic wrap through and the result will be a nice, untangled sheet of plastic wrap -- with no leftover pieces.

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