Cutest thing I've heard all day:

The cutest site I've come across in weeks is

Why didn't anyone tell me about!? This type of adorability must not go undocumented!

Pajamas in a hatbox! Kill me with cuteness!
Pajamas in a hatbox! Kill me with cuteness!
I actually heard about it on my local public radio station today, so apologies if it's not new. It's a good time to know about it, what with Valentine's Day coming and the cold weather gripping the nation and all., in a nutshell, lets you send a pair of pajamas to someone (overnight, if necessary), and they'll come in a cute little pink hatbox (for the ladies) or a stylish blue travel bag (for the guys)--they'll even send baby pajamas with a cute little puppy house box and a stuffed dog. Oh, and you can personalize the jammies! I had no idea that I had the capacity to get this excited about pajamas. I believe I shall now return to grown-up work, after I order pajamagrams for everyone I know. Pajamagrams. So cute.

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