Customize your green robot with Androidify app

Add hair, shorts, shoes--and whatever else you want--to the little green Android.


Love the little green robot on your phone? Now you can carry your affection to a new level with Androidify, an app that lets you customize Android's look.

Available for free from Android Market, Androidify lets users turn the logo-bot into caricatures of themselves or anyone else.

The app is the work of Google Creative Lab and Larva Labs, which has produced apps like Face Mixer and Retro Defense.

Choices include spiky hair, body types, beards, glasses, wardrobes, and accessories like hats, watches, and even a parrot.

The end result, though, may bear little resemblance to the original robot. The cartoonish avatars can be saved as user pics and shared with friends.

It's the next best thing to getting your own Android costume.

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