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Breathe new life into your Android phone with these excellent apps and utilities.

Turn your Android into the coolest smartphone on the block with these awesome apps! Scott Webster/CNET

Of all the great features that come with Android, I think perhaps my favorite is endless customization. If you don't want to root the device to go deep into modifying , there's still so much you can do with just apps. For example, you can give yourself a fancy home screen.

I've gathered a small handful of my favorite home screen apps here, but nothing that requires root access. Rather, these are the sorts of apps you can install and play around with on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Come next weekend, you just might have a completely different-looking Android experience.

Nova Launcher (Prime)

There are a number of launcher applications that let users override the standard look and feel that comes with the phone's out-of-box experience, but Nova Launcher Prime ($4.00) is one of my favorites. Don't like the preset shortcuts across the bottom of your handset? Not a fan of the app drawer setup? You can change all that.

Nova Launcher Prime is one the more feature-rich launcher apps for Android. Scott Webster/CNET

In a nutshell, Nova Launcher alters the way your phone behaves when tapping the Home button. Specifically, you can define how many panels you have, the number of icons that fit on the home screen, scrolling effects, and much more.

Among Nova Launcher Prime's options is selecting the grid size (number of rows and columns), placing a persistent Google Search bar, and tweaking margins. I love using the launcher's revolving door effect. It looks much cooler than a simple slide. Additionally, users can opt to remove icon labels, allow for widgets to overlap, and lock the desktop in place.

I also appreciate the way I can sort my app drawer, hide unused titles, and organize content into tabs. Other minor touches include infinite scrolling panels, custom grouping, menu transparency, and transitions. Suffice it to say, I'm constantly backing up and restoring fun layouts all the time.

A particularly fun, and easy, way to spice things up is to replace the icons representing apps and games. There are innumerable icon packs or themes that one can download to adjust the overall aesthetics. Some of the more popular ones I've encountered along the way are Tersus, Snack Pack, and MIUI 5. Again, hit up some forums or search Google Play and you'll find some rather inspiring stuff.

Nova Launcher Prime isn't the only option for those looking to customize the home screen; the free version is a great way to take advantage of most options and settings. At nearly 5 million installs, the free Nova Launcher is a popular and feature-rich home screen launcher. Others you may enjoy include Go Launcher EX, Apex Launcher, and ADW.Launcher.

Solo Launcher

The best thing about Solo Launcher is that it's a totally free alternative to premium launchers. Indeed, you'll find a host of customization and personalization settings, many of which could cost $4 or more elsewhere.

Solo Launcher is a completely free launcher with many premium features Solo Launcher Team/Google Play

Solo Launcher not only operates quickly and efficiently, but it also plays nice with themes from other launchers. Want to change the icon pack? Feel like mimicking the look of a Sony or Huawei? No problem. Other easily configured settings include live wallpapers, lock screens, and colors.

In addition to the general aesthetics, you'll be able to adjust home screen transitions, layouts, the app drawer, and home screen dock. I'm a big fan of unread notifications for missed calls, texts, and e-mails, and Solo Launcher provides this at no cost. Once you find a look that you really enjoy be sure to back it up. That way, you can return to it later should you wish to tinker about.

The launcher comes with a weather widget, and the developers also provide a number of additional apps and tools to further enhance your experience.

Ultimate Custom (Clock) Widget (UCCW)
As the name implies, the free Ultimate Custom (Clock) Widget app lets users create custom widgets that can be placed on just about any home screen. Regardless of whether you're using a stock launcher or something more tailored, UCCW can enhance the look of your desktop. While it's possible to create your own clock, weather, or battery widget, UCCW can also be used for tweaking notifications, alarms, and other options.

Three clock widgets made easy with Ultimate Custom Widget. Scott Webster/CNET

Indeed, it might feel a bit daunting the first few times you try to design your own widget with all your choices for color, transparency, shapes, and fonts. I suggest looking around for templates and already-existing widgets being shared by the community. Poke around the Google Play Store and forums for UCCW UZIP files and go from there.

One of the features I appreciate most is the ability to mimic the feel of other smartphone experiences; it's a breeze to sample the HTC Sense 5 UI or Motoblur without much effort. Once you're feeling confident, try overlapping a couple of widgets (like time and weather) for a nice layered effect.

HD Widgets

If you're the type who prefers to dress up your existing home screen without heavy adjustments, I recommend checking out HD Widgets. As one of the more flexible $2.00 you can spend, this app provides endless widget layouts.

Regardless of whether you're looking to add a full-screen weather and combination widget or a simple app shortcut, HD Widgets does it in style. Users have myriad options to choose from, including text colors, fonts, background transparency, and layout.

The developer,, recently rolled out an entirely new subset of themed widgets that adds another 60 free templates to the mix. Centered around the aesthetic of Android Jelly Bean, the Colourform pack features Google's Roboto font and even more ways to jazz up the home screen.

Zooper Widget

Zooper Widget might best be described as a tool to create really great Android widgets. Sure, it's actually a bundle of preset widgets, but that's just the beginning.

Zooper Widget is not unlike Photoshop for creating Android widgets. MyColorScreen

The app comes with a number of free templates and customizable options and provides a great jumping off point. Play with Zooper for any length of time and you'll find that it's easy to create a battery indicator, missed calls and message widget, or calendar. What's more, you can also create widgets to monitor networks and data usage, Wi-Fi connections, and other system settings.

If for no other reason, you'll want to have Zooper installed so you can download other widgets from the community. Take a look through Google Play and you'll find scores of gorgeous, functional widgets already designed by people just like you

Zooper Widget is free to download, however, there's also a Pro version ($1.99) which opens the door to new possibilities. In addition to removing ads, you'll also pick up the ability to save templates to SD cards, and integrate with Buzz Launcher.

DashClock Widget

Those of you running Android 4.2 may have encountered the ability to create widgets on the lock screen . As one of the more handy features in Jelly Bean, lock screen widgets provide at-a-glance information such as text messages, calendar appointments, and other notifications. The DashClock Widget app takes this to another level with a more customized and robust list of what you can see.

DashClock Widget works for Android 4.2+ smartphones and tablets. Roman Nurik

Among other bits of info, DashClock Widget provides users with current local weather, missed calls and unread messages, unread Gmail and/or priority e-mails, and your next calendar appointment. What I like most about this app is that it can deliver all of this on a single panel. Rather than swiping through various screens, DashClock Widget puts it all in one, easy-to-read spot.

Also worth noting is that the app is extensible, meaning it plays nice with other apps. Developers are able to take advantage of extensions that add relevant details to the lock screen. Two such apps that I've found to be helpful are DashClock Keep Extension and DashClock Battery Extension.

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