Crysis 2: If you can make it there...

Can another post-apocalyptic game set in a crumbling NY steal our hearts and playtime? We give Crysis 2 a spin.


The original Crysis was a PC game so graphically demanding that it became, in its day, a benchmark for the highest-end computers. While Crysis 2 still hits high graphic standards on the PC, we gave the console version a whirl--it's the first Crysis game available on the Xbox 360 and PS3.

So, can Crytek still work its magic using 5-year-old consoles?

Moving through a post-apocalyptic landscape--with a gun in hand, no less--is hardly a novel experience in gaming. The fact that Crysis 2 adds even more gaming cliches to its checklist--battle-destroyed New York City, crippling virus outbreak, alien invasion, power-enhancing suits--doesn't help the cause of Crytek's console debut, either.

Put your concerns about originality aside, however, and what you have with Crysis 2 is an extremely well-wrought game that sweeps you up in its expansive grip regardless. I'm hardly a fan of the "shooter" genre, myself, mainly because so many feel like they're starting to bleed together. Call it an action game with a gun, or whatever you like: Crysis 2 might be one of the best representatives of the genre since the last Call of Duty.

I didn't follow the plot. I didn't need to: honestly, when it comes to shooters that fall in line with a structure I so clearly recognize, the disturbing truth is I don't really need a reason to start shooting.

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