Creative Zen Vision now slimmer--pockets rejoice

Creative Zen Vision M and W 60GB players now in slimmer models.

Creative Zen Vision M and W players front and edge shots
More room in your jeans means you can order fries with lunch. Engadget

In an effort to address your asymmetrical puffy pocket syndrome, Creative has slimmed down its popular, yet inordinately thick, 60GB Zen Vision W and Zen Vision M players to match the thickness of their skinnier 30GB players. Presumably this is a result of slimmer hard drive technology, although the specific hard drive used is unknown. Other newsworthy specs on the player seem unchanged at first glance. Screen size, battery life, storage capacity, and operating system features are all untouched, but the thickness of the Zen Vision W drops from 26.4mm to 22mm and the Zen Vision M shrinks from a 22.1mm to a relatively svelte 19mm. You can finally retire those accommodating parachute pants now.

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