Creative Moo a surefire way to insult girlfriend

Creative announces cow-shaped MP3 player to be released in China.

Creative Zen Moo
Whatever these cost, it's not worth your dignity. Nothing But Creative

It's called the Creative Zen Moo, folks, and it's for real. The cow-shaped line of MP3 players was unveiled this week at a technology conference showcasing a handful of Creative's upcoming products.

The Zen Moo is essentially a bovine rehash of Creative's Zen Stone MP3 player, offered in two configurations (Moo and Moo Plus), each with four color variations (white, pink, red, and yellow). Like the Zen Stone Plus, the Moo Plus (seen across the top) includes an OLED screen, integrated speaker, FM radio, and voice recorder. A tamagotchi-like game is also included on the Plus model and navigation is controlled via the cow's plastic horns.

The basic Moo model (bottom row) only handles music playback, lacks a screen, and includes simple playback and volume control by way of its snout. Both Moo models come in 2GB capacities and support MP3 and WMA audio formats.

There's no pricing on these Creative Moo players, but it's unlikely they'll ever see the light beyond their limited release in China, where the upcoming year of the ox actually lends some justification to this silliness.

(Via Nothing But Creative)

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