Creating a world in a workstation

The 'Aura' rotates, purifies air on demand

Poetic Technologies

The "G-Tech Neber" chair we featured a few days ago seems ergonomically efficient, no doubt about it. But compared with the "Aura" by Poetic Technologies, it looks like a wooden stool.

Like other high-tech chairs, the Aura caters to its owner's posture: in this case, with a seven-way adjustable chair that can be ordered with inflatable and deflatable cushions. That's only the beginning. Irritated by glare? The entire workstation can be rotated up to 120 degrees. In fact, it can be programmed to rotate 120 degrees every day over eight hours to follow the sun's path--or, in a pinch, in 15 seconds.

As if that's not enough, this uber-workstation controls its own micro-climate, electronically filtering oxygen before delivery and letting its occupant change air settings up to 21.5 times per hour. If any people actually do this, however, we suggest they seriously consider bringing a sweater to work. But if they refuse, the Aura can be ordered with optional radiant heating.

At last, we can finally get rid of those "USB Warmer Gloves."

[Thanks, Marc]

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