Create ringtones right on your iPhone

Ringtone Remix is one of many apps that can work this nifty magic, but it's the only one that can instantly upload ringtones to your Dropbox account.

Ringtone Remix Pro lets you zoom in on the audio waveform to choose precisely the song chunk you want.
Ringtone Remix Pro lets you zoom in on the audio waveform to choose precisely the song chunk you want. Screenshot by Rick Broida

Ever wish you could turn a certain Grammy-nominated Cee Lo Green song--you know the one I mean--into a ringtone for your iPhone?

There are apps for that--lots of them, in fact, all capable of converting virtually any track in your song library (not just the hilariously NSFW ones) into a ringtone or calendar/alarm tone.

If you want a few extra features not found in the freebie ringtone makers, check out Ringtone Remix Pro. It's a simple, elegant tool that makes the process painless.

All you do is choose any DRM-free song stored on your iPhone, then slide a pair of selectors along an audio waveform to choose the section you want. The app lets you zoom in on the waveform so you can get ultraprecise with your selection, making sure the ringtone starts exactly where you want it.

There's also a magic-wand icon that chooses a song chunk for you, deftly avoiding quiet spots in the audio--but not necessarily choosing an optimal start point for the ringtone. My advice: choose it manually.

Once you've selected and previewed your ringtone, a quick tap of the Save button turns it into an iTunes-friendly M4R file. From there you have three options: e-mail the ringtone to yourself (or a friend), sync it with your Dropbox account (a feature I believe is unique to Ringtone Remix Pro), or fire up iTunes and use its File Sharing feature to add it to your Ringtones library.

The app has a link to a tutorial video, but it shows only what to do with e-mailed ringtones; there's no help with Dropbox or File Sharing. Plus, the link itself is accessible only after you tap Save; it would be nice if you could view it whenever you wanted.

Speaking of nice, I wish apps like these could automatically add newly created ringtones to your iPhone, instead of forcing you to jump through iTunes hoops. But at least the creation part is easy. If you have a buck to spare and want a potentially limitless supply of new ringtones, Ringtone Remix Pro gets the job done.

Is there a ringtone maker you like better? If so, hit the comments and make with the name!


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