Craving the Motorola Krave

Verizon Wireless picks up a snazzy new touch-screen cell phone with the Motorola Krave ZN4.

Verizon announces the Motorola Krave. Corinne Schulze/CNET Networks

Better late then never, we say. Two years after its original debut, the Motorola Ming has made its way to the United States. But it's not exactly the Motorola Ming; rather, it's a variant called the Motorola Krave ZN4. Launching today with Verizon Wireless, the Krave ZN4 is one of the coolest phones we've seen in a while. Check out our full Krave ZN4 review and our Krave slide show.

The Krave offers the same basic design that resembles a Star Trek communicator. Yet, it adds more features while offering innovative design tweaks to an intuitive and easy-to-use touch interface. We had a couple of complaints--there's still no Wi-Fi, camera editing options are few, and the Web browser takes acclimation--but the Krave remains a sharp and satisfying device that's sure to become a conversation piece. Performance was agreeable as well, and we loved the bargain basement price of $149 with a two-year contract.

Read the full review of the Motorola Krave ZN4.

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