Crave's iPhone roundup

A review of Tuesday's pre-release coverage.

In case you temporarily lost consciousness yesterday, or missed our coverage of the fast-approaching iPhone release day, here's a roundup of Tuesday's Crave-ing of Apple's newest gadget.

• Both The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times' gadget gurus unveiled their reviews of the smart phone.

Three days and counting... Apple

• Details surrounding the available data plans from AT&T are now available.

iPhone features--some we knew about, others we didn't.

• A new iPhone video demos some new features.

• Apple Stores will host iPhone premieres from 6 p.m. to 12 midnight on the night of the phone's release, Friday, June 29.

• Look at the people standing in line at the New York Apple store!

• CNET's Will Greenwald looks at what you can get for the price of an iPhone. Think digital cameras and DVRs.

• CNET reporter Caroline McCarthy does her own version. Think rocket launchers and Cheetos.

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by Bridget Carey