Crave to Panasonic: Bring on the new laptops

Panasonic announces updates to its Japanese line of notebooks.

Panasonic Let's Note R6
Did we mention it came in pink? And five other colors, natch. Impress Watch

Those lucky Japanese. They get the latest in shiny, lightweight laptops, while we here in the States have to wait for the new models to jump to our shores. The most recent example: blogs in Japan, spotted by the folks at Engadget, reported an ultraportable addition to Panasonic's Let's Note line of laptops (known in our neck of the woods as ToughBooks). The compact, two-pound Let's Note R6 features a 10.4-inch XGA display and will pack in a 1.06GHz Intel Core Duo U2400 processor, up to 1.5GB of RAM, and up to 120GB of hard drive space. As for the rest of the Let's Note line, the 12.1-inch W5, 12.1-inch T5, and the 14.1-inch Y5 will also pick up Core Duo processors (though no Core 2 Duo) in time for the Vista launch in late January. Which leaves us here at Crave with one big question: How soon will we see the updates in our 'hood?

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