Crave readers' tattoos: Yep, they're geeky

We put out the call for geeky reader tattoos and we got an impressive display of super-nerdy graphical markings.

A few weeks ago, some friends and I won a trivia contest at a local bar. As a prize, we each got a gift card for Under the Needle, a tattoo shop in the Belltown neighborhood of Seattle. I had no tattoos at the time, but I figured this freebie was a sign. A few days later, I had a D&D-style 20-sided die etched onto the back of my right arm.

But I'm not the only nerd with tattoos. We had a feeling some of our Crave readers might also have some badass markings we could admire, so we put out the call , and boy did you answer.

In the gallery to the right you'll see a host of nerdtastic tattoos sent in by you, the Crave readers. We like some better than others, but we love that all shout, loudly, "Look, I'm a real nerd, not one of these milquetoast, casual nerds. I'm the real thing!"

I'm with you, brothers and sisters. Or at least I will be when the scabbing stops.

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