Crave pumpkin-carving contest yields amazing art

Gaze upon some of the gourd-geous reader contributions to our geeky pumpkin-carving contest, and see who won the top spot. Mwahaha!

Sebastian Kerner of Germany sent us this great carving inspired by the anime film "Princess Mononoke." Sebastian Kerner

Come closer -- if you dare. We want to show you a curious collection of pumpkin carvings that celebrates the geeky side of All Hallow's Eve.

Several weeks ago, we kicked off Crave's first-ever Carve a geeky pumpkin. An impressive number of creative Cravers responded to our call for geeky or technology-inspired pumpkin carvings, vying for a mysterious prize and eternal recognition in a gallery featured on the Web site.

Well, we have winner, and it is... Paul Frasco of New York City, who sent us an amazingly gourd-geous version of Bowser from the Mario video game franchise. We'll be sending Paul a pair of Skullcandy Supreme Sound 50/50 earbuds worth $49.95 as a prize. In orange, of course.

Click through the gallery below to see Paul's astounding pumpkin art, as well as other creations including Thor, the Joker, a couple of Kodama spirits, and several other oddities.

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