Crave Live: Modu phone hands-on video

The Modu phone is a quirky and interesting idea, but it's a difficult concept to explain. Here's a video that shows how the Modu combines itself with 'jackets' to turn into whatever device you want

Remember the Modu phone ? It allowed you to pop it in and out of different 'jackets', each of which had different features, so you could effectively turn it into a multitude of devices. Confused? That's perfectly understandable, which is why we've got a video so you can see what on Earth we're talking about.

From sat-navs to smart phones, this tiny handset is a tech-filled Pop Tart just waiting for you to try its tasty filling. At the moment it's not available in the UK, but we're full-square behind the concept and hope it makes it to our smelly shores lickety-split. -Andrew Lim


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