Crave in Comments: From Star Wars to :(

It's that time of the week where we forgo the serious and embrace the silly.

Did you miss me? I was on vacation in Mexico last week so my colleague Tim Hornyak filled in with Crave in Comments. I know it was probably scary to have someone else behind the wheel, but don't worry; I have returned. Are you ready for some cunning comments from our Crave community? Buckle up!

In regard to Glowing kittens may advance AIDS research :

"Great! Instead of buying glowsticks, I'll just bring my cat!" --by Notjub

In regard to Sony officially details Android Walkman :

"Nice! I like a curvy rear ..." --by brickcityboy

In regard to Sony adds two new colors to PS3 Slim lineup :

"Crip or blood." --by Jay Two

In regard to 'Allergic' to Wi-Fi? Move to West Virginia :

"Six months max till someone makes a reality TV show out of this." --by NorthWakeDad

The little robot that could. Panasonic

In regard to Dyson heats up with Hot bladeless fan :

"I think we have enough hot air on [the] Internet already.'" --by MakeMeASandwich

In regard to Evolta robot to tackle grueling Ironman triathlon :

"I, for one, welcome our robot overlords" --by TimothyMorris

In regard to Unboxing Star Wars: The Complete Saga on Blu-ray :

"I just bought a 1080p projector just in time for the debut, and now I might be locked in my basement for the next 48 hours. CYA!" --by ff2mastamatt

In regard to Windows 8 Blue Screen of Death gets sad face : ( :

"Sad Face of Death." --by Poor-


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