Crave in Comments: Flying iPads to Trek resorts

Sit tight as we propel you into another week of hilarious comments left on Crave stories.

Take a look, in a Crave blog, it's Crave in Comments! Ok, that was a horrible rip off of the 'Reading Rainbow' song, but a boy can dream that his weekly feature will one day have its own theme song. What tune would you choose for CiC? Perhaps some classical, or maybe just the 'Benny Hill' theme song? Perhaps this is just a silly idea.

Hit the nail on the head in regard to Flying-iPad smuggling operation busted:

"You can't say that Apple products don't go zipping off the shelves now..." --by solitare_pax

Hit the nail on the head in regard to Device serves date-rape drug detection on the rocks:

"This won't work in hipster areas. They use date-rape drugs you probably haven't heard of." --by thebadhatharry
Who would you put on this stress reliever? RageGage

Hit the nail on the head in regard to Star Trek resort coming soon:

"Well, I know where I'm going for Spring Break. Hangin' with the Orion slave girls in Jordan. Oooooh yeah." --by Slick1of2

Hit the nail on the head in regard to Willow Garage offers cheaper PR2, minus one arm:

"Ah so that's the current running price for an arm, $115,000. Still not enough to buy a life-time supply of Twinkies.'" --by eximius5

Hit the nail on the head in regard to 'Obama Basher' an antidote to smart political debate:

"Can I get mine with Steve Jobs on it please?" --by WickedToby741
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