Crave Ep. 150: Will dogs speak human in 2014?

No More Woof is a wearable brainwave-reading headband for dogs that can interpret up to four neural patterns and voice them in human-speak.

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Strap your dog's mind-reading headgear on. It's the last Crave show of 2013 and we're predicting that in 2014 dogs will be talking. No More Woof uses a Raspberry Pi computer to turn your dog's thoughts into audible phrases. The European Space Agency launched a satellite carrying a 1-billion pixel camera that will 3D-map the Milky Way, and a Romanian man has built a full-size drivable car out of 500,000 Legos. Better buckle up, because 2014 will be here much faster than the Lego car can drive.

Crave stories:

- For extreme gardeners, shotgun shells full of seed

- Billion-pixel Gaia camera to map galaxy in 3D

- Full-size Lego car actually drives

- Alcohoot transforms your smartphone into a breathalyzer  

- No More Woof reads dog brainwaves, translates to speech

- Fly over Titan's methane lakes in NASA's video

- Crave giveaway: Arris-Motorola cable modem and router combo

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