Crave Ep. 134: Homemade portable NES pushes our buttons

We look at a homemade Nintendo Entertainment System, defend our personal space with a privacy-guarding bowtie, and learn the scientific formula for the perfect grilled cheese.


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This week on Crave, a Canadian dentist wants to clone John Lennon with a tooth he bought for $31,000. A computer scientist builds an awesome portable Nintendo Entertainment System. Plus, we all want to take a turn with the "beercade" machine, which serves up cold brews as you play vintage video games. All that and more on this week's episode of Crave.

Crave stories:

- This is what it looks like when slime mold smiles

- Crafty engineer 3D-prints a portable NES

- Split the typing difference with KeMice keyboard

- Plant-powered breathing apparatus for a dystopian future

- In your face! Bowtie flashes when people get too close

- Eureka! A scientific formula for the perfect grilled cheese

- Kegerator fuses vintage video games with a beer keg

- Let it be: Dentist wants to clone John Lennon from tooth DNA

- Chewbacca's knees to get their own crowdfunded film

- Revisit the amazing Internet the cool kids used in 1997

- Crave giveaway: $250 gift certificate from Shopping

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