Crave Ep. 131: Hulk-smash your computer for cash

This week on Crave, smash up some computers for a chance to win cash. Also, we take a trip around Saturn and demo the world's first smart guitar pick.


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The Incredible Hulk (aka Lou Ferrigno) wants your best computer destruction video -- and you could win some cash for it. A man builds a quadcopter out of a dead, gross! And the inventors of the Firefly Guitar Pick swing by the CNET studios to give us a live demo of the first smart guitar pick. All that and more on this week's Crave podcast.

Crave stories:

- Skoda's 'Mega Man-Pram': A manly stroller for manly dads

- Fly around Saturn in gorgeous short film

- 36 percent admit to cursing, punching their computers

- Taxidermy OstrichCopter makes big bird take flight

- Bon Jovi's keyboard player wore my Google Glass! (Gosh)

- If it LEDs, it shreds: Firefly guitar pick lights up in tempo

- Bubble-wrap bike is top of the pops

- Crave giveaway: Boombotix Boombot Rex Limited Edition portable speaker

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