Crave Ep. 129: Charge your gadgets with pee

On this week's Crave, scientists recharge devices with pee power, air guitar gets a boost with LEDs, and a small Colorado town wants to issue "drone hunting" licenses. Yup.


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Gotta go? Scientists have figured out how to recharge devices using human pee. A giant "Game of Thrones" dragon skull washes up on a U.K. beach. And we congratulate the AeroVelo human-powered helicopter for winning a high-flying honor.

Crave stories:

- Phone out of juice? Scientists want to recharge it with urine

- Pee-analyzing urinal spots drunks before they drive

- If it LEDs, it shreds: Firefly guitar pick lights up in tempo

- Human-powered helicopter finally takes Sikorsky Prize

- Town considers licenses for 'drone hunting'

- 'Star Trek' tricorder becomes the real McCoy

- Bus-sized 'Game of Thrones' dragon skull lands on beach

- WaterColorBot gives you a robotic brush-off

- Crave giveaway: 'Tron'-inspired Tokyo Flash Kisai Seven watch

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