Crave Ep. 119: The flexible MorePhone contorts when you get a call

This week on Crave, we sing a love song in Klingon and behold the strange beauty of a DDoS attack. Plus, it's time for another round of "Into It Not Into It"!


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This week on Crave, we take a look at a concept phone that can change its shape when you get a notification. Plus, Microsoft shows off the IllumiRoom projector that puts gamers inside video games and we play another round of "Into It Not Into It"!

Crave stories:

- Flexible smartphone curls up when it gets a call

- IllumiRoom projector explodes Xbox action out of your TV

- See how beautiful a DDoS attack can look

- Filmmaking at the atomic level? IBM nets Guinness world record

- How to sing a cutesy love song in Klingon

- Crave giveaway: OtterBox Realtree Camo case for HTC One

Into It Not Into It:

- Coming soon: A Breathalyzer for pot and cocaine?

- Caffeine-infused lingerie claims to blast fanny fat

- Will the next Xbox be called Xbox Infinity?

- Athletic gear cools you down with your own sweat

- Sculpture carrying human DNA to be sent into the depths

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