Crave asks: How would you change the past with a laptop?

No time traveler should leave home without a computer of some kind. Would you impress Einstein with an ultrabook? Infographic imagines laptops in eras past.

Would Leonardo da Vinci would use a Mac or PC? (Click to see full infographic.) Dell

What would you do if you could travel back in time with a laptop in tow?

An amusing infographic by Dell reminds us of the (relative) hardships previous generations faced while performing tasks that a laptop can tackle in mere moments.

One wonders--after choosing a destination and time frame--which laptop you'd bring to the past. What would you do with said laptop, aside from having people worship you? Heads up: battery life might be a concern out there in the pre-electricity days.

While the Dell graphic muses about times centuries ago, even bringing a modern laptop to the early 20th century could forever change the course of the world and drastically alter the sense of design in that time period. Some of us probably forget that those tiny smartphones and tablets we wield on a daily basis derive from massive room-size computational machines.

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