Crave 78: Everything old is new again (podcast)

Often, the best stuff is really just a fresh spin on an old idea. This episode of Crave has plenty of them.

This week, old meets new as we drool over a new AC/DC pinball machine, turn our old CDs into works of art, and put your condom's location on the Web. Plus, a skateboard powered by your brain, a shopping cart that stalks and judges you, a DIY Chewbacca tissue box suitable for space travel misadventures, and Bonnie's robot gets a name.

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Episode 78

AC/DC pinball

Old CDs as sculpture

QR-coded condoms

Brainwave skateboard

Playboy club space station

Chewbacca tissue box

MIDI Fighter 3D


Self-assembling bee-bot

Not craving

Smart cart

Geek News

New Avengers poster

Star Wars Episode One rewrite

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