Crave 69: Candy for cuties (podcast)

We're previewing the future one concept video at a time. We look at Samsung's future in which transparent tablets conjure holographic magic. Toyota's squeaky-clean future makes us feel dirty. And to even things out we revisit 1939's vision of the year 2000.


Bonnie's back, just in time to witness a barrage of futuristic concept videos.

We get Samsung's take on the transparent tablet of the future. Also, Toyota's vision of a self-driving psychedelic car from a frightening nightmarescape where the middle-aged are given the "Logan's Run" treatment. We revisit the fashion predictions of 1939 and watch as flying robots construct foam towers. In Geek News, Eric recounts his obsession with MST3K and the latest RiffTrax RiffPlayer, makes amends with Dr. Who fans, and shows us the creepier side of Batman.

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Episode 69

Crave giveaway: $250 in DIY chocolate from Chocomize

Flying robots build 20-foot tower in France

Samsung unfurls flexible, see-through tablet concept

See the Toyota Fun-Vii concept in action (video)

1939 future fashions newsreel

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Geek News

RiffTrax RiffPlayer

Sonic Screwdriver

Batman is everywhere!

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