Crave 65: Dogs unite (podcast)

Cell carrier liberation, slug robots, and man's best friend's worst enemy crawls its way out of a Japanese laboratory.


Donald takes a break from his at-desk Occupy Wall Street protest to rant about the cellular monopoly and the disruptive potential of Republic Wireless.

And while we are fine with robot slugs that can rescue us from toxic rubble, we have to draw the line at robotic seeing-eye dogs. I mean, c'mon, there's no replacing man's best friend. Also, hipster 35mm film fetishists get a new way to spend $99, and Eric goes all Geek News on the latest Zelda game.

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Episode 65

- Republic Wireless $19 plan

- Slug Crawler

-Kinect-controlled guide dog


Viewer feedback


Hello Crave! After hearing Donald going on about the show Misfits (awesome by the way) I thought I would let him know about a show on Netflix called Jericho. It's basically about a town and how they survive a nuclear attack on the US! One of the best TV series on Netflix, thought you all should know.

Thanks, Matt

Geek News

-Edge magazine's Zelda review

-MW3 release

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