Crave 58: Replace your face (podcast)

This week, Donald and Eric discuss two street-legal TRON-inspired lightcycles at opposite ends of the price spectrum.


This week, Donald and Eric discuss two street-legal TRON-inspired lightcycles at opposite ends of the price spectrum. Plus, we creep out on a way to perform real-time video face substitution, and the implications it will have on the future of video chat and our children. In geek news, Eric nominates an actor for Zombie of the Year and sounds off on Gears of War 3.

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Episode 58

- Street legal Lightcycle

- A more affordable, practical light cycle

-Realtime Face Swap

Viewer feedback -- EMAIL

Another great show. I shall try to keep my Perv-quotient (I claim first use of the word in the geek/nerd lexicon) at a reasonable level. I agree with Eric about Mr. Lucas "fiddling" with the original content/context of the Star Wars films. Darth Vader doesn't need a voice to kill you, if he doesn't like you he just "chokes you out" and replaces you. I pulled my VHS tapes out and played the original trilogy, just the way they were meant to be seen.

Word: Perv-quotient

Definition: The level or degree of "perviness" (perviness: credit Donald Bell, Cnet Crave Podcast Ep 56) that a person possesses in contrast to others around him, or the situation they are currently in. A level or state of mind, whether real or imagined which manifest itself in thought, words or deeds designed to illicit a humorous or shocked response. An often misinterpreted level of sexual familiarity and disollusion of the established social contract experienced by the speaker in a given social setting.

Common usage:

-"Dude, if you don't lower your perv-quotient you'll never get another date with those High School girls...and you're 29"

-"Every time I see Sally in that tight blouse my perv-quotient goes off the chart."

-"My perv-quotient is no where near Charlie Sheen, Pee Wee Herman, or Bill Clinton...but you have to have heroes."

Earl (from Texas)

Geek News

-Real zombie acting

-Gears of War 3

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