Crave 51: Why robots shouldn't sing (podcast)

This week, robot lightsaber duels, emotion-sensing animatronic cat ears, and a robotic mouth that will haunt your nightmares.


In this episode of the Crave podcast we examine the highs and lows of recent robotic advancements, including robot lightsaber duels, emotion-sensing animatronic cat ears, and a robotic mouth that is heebie-jeebies incarnate. We also take a look at a working, turbine-powered Batmobile, and a couple of Android-powered RC toys.

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Episode 51

- Turbine-powered Batmobile

- Robot cat ears

- Android trash can

- Android RC car

- Robot Jedi battle

- Singing robot mouth 2.0

Viewer feedback

I know you guys are swamped with emails >.

You guys oooooze awesomeness.

I crave a decent & affordable Windows Home Server 2011 box (hard to find since HP bowed out) and for Samsung to make a stand alone Smart Hub device.

One thing I do not crave is the BlackBerry Cyclone .

Take it easy and I will continue to enjoy uncapped high speed broadband in Korea.

John In Seoul

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