Crave 34: Jasmine France: A legacy (podcast)

A new Hot Wheels track setup that mounts on the wall, a Darth Vader CD player that's more about form than function, and an LED-bedazzled surfboard that leads to some scary-but-cool nighttime wave-riding.


It's all Jasmine, all the time as the Cravers say a final goodbye to the lady of the show. Jasmine spent more than seven years working for CNET, which means the majority of her young adult life has been reflected through First Look videos. We take a look back at some of her best--and worst--moments, which chart hairstyles along with product categories.

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Episode 34

A look back at greatness

-Uniden WXI377 -Rio Forge Sport -NAILGATE! -Creative Zen Micro Photo -Oakley Split Thump -Dada Footwear -Skullcandy! -Jasmine Gaga -Jasmine quoted in The Onion

This is why you're fat

-Food rings

-National Margarita day

-Another match made in heaven?

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