Crave 16: Where my baby daddy? (podcast)

This week on Crave we have woofers for your baby, woofers shaped like fans, eyelashes for your car, and bike lanes with power-ups. It's madness.

It may not be a creepy Kaspar baby, but the lead item on today's show is its very own brand of disturbing: a belly band that plays music to an unborn child. It's not the product that bothers Donald and Jasmine,'s the eerily happy mother and absentee dad. Also this week: a fan-tastic subwoofer, a new MP3 player that is not a phone, and some sweet street art in Portland, Ore., that Mario-loving cyclists are sure to appreciate. Plus, we get some viewer feedback and sort of drool over this week's heart attack-inducing foodstuff.


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Episode 16

-Baby got bass

-Woofer fan

-Hands-on with the Sansa Fuze+

-Oregon bike lane gets Mario Kart treatment


-Arcade Fire HTML5 experiment

-Sunrise heart attack

Viewer feedback
Hi there, your site featured my first Power Laces project a couple of months ago and you spoke of it in your "Back to the Futurama" podcast. I thought your readers and listeners would like to know that I created a 2.0 demo prototype and I'm seeking funding through Kickstarter to develop a marketable version.
-Blake B

"Episode 15 was like a Date:
Starts in the car,
Food is involved (Cheetos)
Zippers by the lake side (submarine Races)
then Porn
Then the morning alarm set so you can leave the house."
-Michael G

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