Craft a bow and arrow out of household items

YouTube DIY guru DaveHax shows you how to make a bow and arrow out of a plastic coat hanger and kebab skewers.

He showed users how to make a crossbow out of standard office supplies, and now YouTube do-it-yourself expert DaveHax is back with a new video that shows you how to make a fully-functional bow and arrow out of a plastic coat hanger and kebab skewers. As always, you definitely need to use caution if you decide to try this at home.

To make a bow and arrow and transform yourself into a Wildling from "Game of Thrones", simply cut off the hook and bottom half of a plastic coat hanger, cut notches in the top and bottom, and tie some rope into the notch holes for the bow. Then, you can use wooden kebab skewers as arrows, though for safety purposes, you should probably do as Dave says and cut up a wine cork to place over the pointy end of the skewer.

Just don't make too many holes in the wall and be sure to not aim it at family, friends, or neighbors. Save those arrows for the crows of the Night's Watch, you crafty Wildling, you.

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