Cowon S9 wants you back, updates wardrobe

Cowon's Korean Web site now advertises a ceramic white version of the Cowon S9 portable media player.

Cowon S9 MP3 player white edition.

Long before the Sony X-Series stole the OLED portable media player spotlight, 2008's Cowon S9 blew us away with its gorgeous 3.3-inch touch-screen display, Bluetooth audio, and extensive audio and video codec support. But the gadget's fanatic attention span can only last so long before a perfectly good MP3 player just feels like yesterday's news.

In an effort to rekindle our collective fascination with the S9, Cowon has announced a new "ceramic white" color option, currently available only in Korea. To be fair, Cowon has also released a steady stream of firmware updates for the S9 since our original review, improving video playback format support and adding gapless audio playback.

Keep an eye out for an upcoming CNET Prizefight between the Cowon S9 and the newest kid on the block, the Sony Walkman X-Series.

(Via DAP Review)

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